28 May 2017

Week 8 Black and White 365 Challenge

50 Steep stairs

51 Workshop shelving

52 Fallen toy soldiers

53 Gloves

54 Stairs

55 Wire netting

56 Barbering

Another rainy week so I spent it mostly back in the workshop again. 

The highlight of my week was when my husband and I went in as models for my son in his barbering course. That was a lot of fun. The barbering photo was shot with my cell phone (a Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime) as I didn't take my camera out with me that day. All the rest were shot with my camera as usual.

I'm going to be taking a little break from shooting for a week or two while I have other house related projects going on. There just aren't enough daylight hours in the day at the moment, especially as it's winter here. 

Have a great week :)

Week 7 Black and White 365 Challenge

43 Basket weave

44 Camelia flower

This bush was severely pruned (practically to a stump) by the previous owners of our house. It's started to regrow in the couple of years we've lived here and this year we have been rewarded with
some lovely pale pink flowers.

45 Homegrown Feijoas and some Passionfruit a friend grew.

46 Toolbox.

47 Industrial light fitting

48 Three phase powerpoint

49 Saw blade

This week the weather was cold and rainy and miserable so I spent some time in my husband's workshop looking for inspiration.

Have a great week :)

Week 6 Black and White 365 Challenge

36 Basket weave

37 Buddha eye

38 Thai elephant fabric texture

39 Metal texture

40 Crosstitch texture

41 Dreary weather

42 Fabric texture

This week the weather was lousy but I did get a guy out to quote on replacing our upstairs heatpump and installing a completely new system downstairs. It'll be great to get some proper more economical heating throughout this house.

Have a great week :)

Week 5 Black and White 365 Challenge

29 Budgie

30 Sunny Day

31 My son texting

32 Paint texture

33 Fabric texture

34 Ceramic texture

35 Blurred trees

I'm a few weeks behind in posting these images as I've been a bit busy with the renovations and having a massive declutter so I can't remember what I was thinking when I shot some of these images. Sorry about that.
This week I processed some of my images using  an Instagram filter that made the images a bluish color for a bit of a change.
Have a great week :)