26 Jul 2016

Week 50 of 365 Challenge Red Week

Red week flew past. 
It felt like I'd just started it and then it was all over and so were the school holidays. Despite being sick for part of the holiday we all had fun. We chased Pokemon, took red photos, did a bit of shopping, played card games, journaled, watched movies and went for walks when the weather wasn't too bad. This week seems too quiet now my kids have gone back to school.

Next week is Shopfront week. I can't believe I only have two more weeks to go until I'm finished this challenge! 

Have a great week :)

18 Jul 2016

Week 49 of 365 Challenge Pen Week

Pen week mmm, when I realized last week what this weeks theme was, I groaned out loud. I'm surprised you didn't hear me lol. This week turned out to be a good week though. 
My kids are home from school for two weeks holiday and we've spent a fun week watching movies and playing games together. Even catching my son's head cold hasn't bothered me too much. Hopefully they will chase away the winter blues completely before they go back to school. My kids are great like that.

Pic one is of my gel pens that I use for journaling. I have two sets of seven colors that I bought just before we moved house a year ago. 
I don't think I've used them this year at all though. I'm happy writing in my journal with a blue or black pen at the moment but I have no urge to sketch anything in there with the writing. I've just discovered that over the years I have either painted/sketched or taken photos. I don't seem to do both together. So if I'm working on a painting project I don't touch my camera and if like now I'm working on a photography project my art muse disappears. If I have no set projects on the go, I swing easily between the two without a thought. I have no idea why.

Pic two is of my daughter's pen that her Grandma brought her back from her last trip to Scotland to visit Great Grandma.

Pic three is of some of my Pitt Artist's pens. I like the sepia color and have this color pen in both fine and brush tips.

Pic four is of a group of pens that I have sketched with in the past. I did trials with various pens in my art journal to see which pens are water resistant, fade resistant etc. I like keeping a mixture of water resistant and non-water resistant pens around. Sometimes it's nice to 'paint' with water over a non-water resistant pen to add shading to a sketch and other times I prefer to use water color paints over the pen so don't want the pen to bleed.

Pic five is of my daughter's pen cup with her favorite four color pen sitting above the rest.

Pic six is of a pen I bought from Avon to fund-raise for breast cancer.

Pic seven is of my daughter's connector felt tip pens.

Next week is Red week. 

Have a great week :)

Week 48 of 365 Challenge Music Week

Music week perked me up a bit after my winter blues week last week. The first pic is of my penny whistle which I played a bit after I dug it out to photograph it. Playing it improved my mood a lot.

The 2nd pic is of my daughter's flute. 

Pic 3 is of some of the sheet music my daughter is learning to play at school.

Pic 4 is my daughter's ukelele that she got for her birthday a couple of years ago.

Pic 5 is of my daughter practicing her flute.

Pic 6 is of a thumb piano I bought years ago from a pop up shop selling tribal goods.

Pic 7 is of my daughter playing the flute again.

If the weather had been nicer I would have gone out looking for buskers but it wasn't so everyone decided to stay warm and dry inside this week.

Next week is Pen week. 

Have a great week :)

2 Jul 2016

Week 47 of 365 Challenge Rust Week

This has probably been one of my worst weeks during this challenge. Not because of the subject matter but because I seem to have come down with a dose of the winter blues this week. It's been one of those weeks where you just want to pull the blankets over your head and stay snug and warm in bed, but of course I couldn't do that. I have children and a hubby that need me, so I soldiered on with a distinct lack of enthusiasm for this week's challenge and most other things too if I'm honest.

Even my decluttering became a halfhearted, 'move stuff from here to there but accomplish nothing', chore this week. So all in all I can sum this week up in one word, "Meh". 

Hopefully next week will see an improvement in both the weather and my mood. The theme is music and music used to cheer me up when I was a teen so hopefully I can can find some music to lift my spirits and get my groove back on. Wish me luck.

Have a great week :)