13 Jan 2016

Week 22 of 365 Challenge Industrial Week

Industrial week didn't really turn out how I imagined it would when I added this theme to my list. As time goes on I'm finding the 365 challenge more of a chore than a fun activity and I find myself rushing a lot of last minute photos through each day. It could just be because it's the summer school holidays and a lot of the pics I'm taking of family fun and outings aren't in any way related to the theme of the week, so it's a mind-gear crunch each time I take the day's pic. I'm too much in holiday mode. 
The further through this challenge that I get, the more I wish I'd followed everyone else and made this a 52 week project, posting one pic from each theme each week. I'm sure the photos would be much better, even on the subjects that I chose to challenge myself with that I don't really enjoy. I've committed to 365 though so I'll continue until it's finished in around 203 days. Vegetables are next so that's not too bad, wish me luck :)

Have a great week!

9 Jan 2016

Week 21 of 365 Challenge Knobs and Handles Week

This week started off really bad but slowly improved as the week went on. It was supposed to be door knobs and handles but I forgot and just shot random knobs and handles. You get to see the good, the bad and the ugly in my photos (groan). Anyway I've caught up posting now and I'm five days into the next weeks challenge which is industrial.

Have a great week!

Week 20 of 365 Challenge Bicycle Week

This week all the images were shot with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone using an HDR app. Some of Street week was also shot using this combination mainly just to try something different and because I didn't want to carry my camera around while I was Christmas shopping. I thought the bicycles would look interesting using this. The one thing that I really wanted to photograph this week was an old style bike but I never saw one anywhere this week which was really unusual and disappointing. Must have been an off week for cyclists. 

Have a great week!

Week 19 of 365 Challenge Christmas Week

What can I say about Christmas week? Bah humbug! I really wasn't feeling it most days which really shows in my pics this week. Too busy, too noisy, and too crowded in town. Thankfully it's finished for another year.
We had a great Christmas day though with extended family so it wasn't all bad.

Have a great week! 

Week 18 of 365 Challenge Street Week

This week should have been night week but the weather scuppered me from taking any astro-photography shots unfortunately. Astro-photography is something I've been seeing facebook friends posting recently and I'd really like to give it a go. They mostly use 7.5mm Samyang/Rokinon lenses for this but I'm going to try using my 14-42mm lens (28-84mm equiv) as that's as wide as I've got. As soon as the weather improves I'll slot this theme back in.
This week I shot street instead. One thing I discovered doing this is that you have to get really close to people to take a frame filling shot of someone using a 35mm focal length lens. Much closer than I felt comfortable with so the only two people frame filling images I have are of a pirate and a piper in our local Christmas parade. All the rest were taken more sneakily from a greater distance. I think that I'd need to join a street photography group for outings to work on my confidence before I could comfortably work at 35mm, otherwise I'm thinking a short telephoto would be more my thing.

Have a great week!

Week 17 of 365 Challenge Balance Week

I'm getting so far behind in posting my 365 challenge photos that today I decided I'd catch up on them all no matter what. So here I am, come fire, earthquake or alien invasion these will be posted today! Mmm an alien invasion would be very tempting to photograph though... so hopefully not today. (giggles) 
In balance week I had a few lack of idea issues. I didn't want to post the standard stacked pebbles on a beach pic but coming up with something different didn't come easy. A big thanks to my son that told me that a can will balance on it's edge if it's half full and only if it's half full.

Have a great week!