18 May 2012

The child and the messy room

"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing" - Phyllis Diller

I don't know whether it's my daughter's age, she's seven, or just the way she naturally works, but my daughter's room always looks like a tornado passed through it. My son is now thirteen and I don't remember him being that messy at seven but who knows maybe my memory is going.
Anyway today we had the "you need to clean up your room or I'll go through it with a rubbish bag" talk. Miss seven whined a bit and said it was too hard to do on her own but I told her she was getting older now and that I trusted her judgement on what she wanted to keep and what should go out. So Miss seven went into her room and started to tidy up. I checked on her after five minutes and things did seem to be improving so I made the mistake of wandering off to do something else and promptly forgot all about the mess. After about an hour Miss seven proudly came through to tell me she had finished tidying and could she do something else now. Feeling very pleased with her maturity I followed her through to see what she had done.
Well, what can I say?
The room looked worse, if that's possible, than it had when she had started! Instead of going through all her artwork that was scattered all over the room and floor she had created new drawings and pulled out boxes of toys to hide them all behind and under. It was really hard not to laugh at her ingenuity.
Anyway she won and I helped her go through her artwork, storing the good pieces safely and binning the rest. We also went through the toys and sorted out some she had grown out of to donate. On the plus side we had lots of fun and even found three pairs of socks and some other clothes she thought she had lost.

This week I've been learning to draw human body parts. Realistic and cartoon hands and eyes. Hands are difficult and I need much more practice. I like the expressions you can get with just eyes though. Today's sketch is just eye expressions made with a black pen.


  1. Great read and drawing:) BTW my first mission for a new course I begin in a week is to draw a self portrait. Well... I hate to draw two things - trees and self portraits, so it won't be easy 8-[]

  2. I want to try a collage self portrait sometime soon. Just got to collect some magazines and colored paper first :)

  3. Awesome Blog!! Lol about you walking away and her winning. The joys of kids. So you did the drawing above^^? I love drawing but can draw people. You have done a fantastic job!! When do you post your blogs?? every month or??

    1. Hi Xtasz, thank you for your comments. I try to post once a week but sometimes I have lots to share and post twice lol. All the images in my blog are drawn or photographed by me.