13 Jan 2016

Week 22 of 365 Challenge Industrial Week

Industrial week didn't really turn out how I imagined it would when I added this theme to my list. As time goes on I'm finding the 365 challenge more of a chore than a fun activity and I find myself rushing a lot of last minute photos through each day. It could just be because it's the summer school holidays and a lot of the pics I'm taking of family fun and outings aren't in any way related to the theme of the week, so it's a mind-gear crunch each time I take the day's pic. I'm too much in holiday mode. 
The further through this challenge that I get, the more I wish I'd followed everyone else and made this a 52 week project, posting one pic from each theme each week. I'm sure the photos would be much better, even on the subjects that I chose to challenge myself with that I don't really enjoy. I've committed to 365 though so I'll continue until it's finished in around 203 days. Vegetables are next so that's not too bad, wish me luck :)

Have a great week!

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