11 Aug 2016

Week 51 of 365 Challenge Shopfront Week

Wow my second to last week already, time has really flown this year!

This week's images were taken both in my small town and in the nearby city so hopefully I have some variety.

My two favorite images this week are the third and fourth shown here. The third was taken in the city early one Saturday morning before people had started to move much. The umbrellas are still down and I like the early morning light.
The fourth image was taken in my town one evening when it was dark and the window dressings were lit. I liked the color of these two dresses and accessories in the window. I had a lot of outside reflections to contend with but I still like the colors and feel of this image. It's quite grainy but I'm pleased I took it anyway. I didn't have my camera with me for any of these shots this week so they were all shot with my phone.

Next week's challenge is my last for this project and it's one that I swapped earlier due to bad weather. Night week. Hopefully I can get some shots I like.

Have a great week :)

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