8 Sep 2015

Week 5 of 365 Challenge. Texture week.

Next week is Numbers week and I'm quite looking forward to getting away from the house and the redecorating and getting out to look for numbers. Roughly the last 3 weeks has been spent working on redecorating our house. We'd still be at it but we ran out of paint and it seems like a good time for a break. I was starting to taste the paint in the last couple of days, yuck. 

What a difference a coat of paint makes to the look and feel of a room! My daughter's room before and after.

The toy room/spare room before and after.

We've also repainted the downstairs spare room for my son and also the upstairs hallway. All of them were covered with an ugly brown wallpaper that must be from at least the 80's. It wasn't vinyl and was in good nick so we've painted over it all. Even the ceilings were yellowed with age. All part of buying an old house that needs work, I guess. At least it only requires cosmetic not structural work. That will come much later when the kitchen and bathrooms get done.

This week though is all about Spring cleaning and having another decluttering session. 

Have a great week!

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