25 Feb 2016

Week 27 of 365 Challenge Shoe Week

Shoes, what can I say? 
Not my favorite subject as I have big feet and only really wear good sturdy walking shoes and boots. I should probably have made this week's topic bags. I have a love affair with bags, but no, I don't hoard them, I just keep looking for the perfect handbag, camera bag etc. I'm much more picky in my old age. I guess I've narrowed down what I don't like over the years and have a much clearer idea of what I want. 
Anyway, shoes, the first pic is of some sandals my daughter designed out of cardboard boxes. She even cut toe shapes on the soles. Too cute. 
The next pic down is her wearing her favorite pair of black sandals. 
After that you have my hubby's workboots three times, my favorite pair of walking boots and my daughter's flash buckled gumboots.
Not exactly high fashion wear this week but none of us do high fashion.
Next week is wood week.

Have a great week :)

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