6 Mar 2016

Week 28 of 365 Challenge Wood Week

Wood week mmm..... it was an okay week. 
The wooden bowl and carved turtle box I thought I'd shoot this week didn't happen. I forgot I'd already photographed them in "Ordinary things are beautiful week" and didn't want to repeat images if I could help it. I admit that the images I took this week weren't the most inspiring. I was distracted this week if I'm honest. Decluttering our house has taken on new momentum recently and I've now got seven boxes of stuff to go to the charity shop. 

We're pretty lucky here as we have about five maybe six shops we can donate to. It's gotten to the point where the pile of boxes to go is starting to get in the way but I want to get as much out in one trip as I can. Second hand shops are too full of interesting books and things for me to risk more than one trip. 

Believe it or not but it isn't me that could refill our house again, Hubby has a thing for old westerns and war stories and any woodworking books that may be there too. We have two large bookcases in the spare room that are just groaning with books and all but one shelf is Hubby's. 

Anyway, I have more decluttering to do. Wish me luck.

Have a great week!

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