12 Apr 2016

Week 36 of 365 Challenge Abstract Week

It's been a busy week this week. I've been tidying out the spare room wardrobe which has been used as a dumping ground for the Christmas decorations, kids toys, sleeping bags, blankets, towels and other assorted bits and bobs. A lot of which should be kept in a linen cupboard but this house doesn't have one. 

The plan is to empty it out completely and put shelves in one half for the sheets and towels to live on while still being able to use the other half as a wardrobe for guests if needed. I guess that's the downside to having on-demand gas water heating, there's no hot water tank or the linen cupboard that goes with it. 

Once the shelves are built the plan is to put the sliding wardrobe doors from our wardrobe onto the spare room wardrobe. The original doors there weren't in very good condition. Then we hope to install two front opening doors on our wardrobe after we install the wardrobe organizer. That way we can access the middle shelving on the organizing unit. The existing sliding doors cover the center of the wardrobe so would make the shelves unaccessible from the outside.

Hopefully I'll be able to start painting our bedroom in the next four weeks. The kids are off on holiday for two weeks from next week so I'll have to wait until they go back. Then all of the bedrooms will be finished and that just leaves the lounge, office, and toilet to paint. The kitchen and bathroom will have to wait a lot longer unless we win the lottery. I won't even start with what needs doing there :)

Have a great week :)

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