6 Apr 2016

Week 35 of 365 Challenge Kitchen Utensil Week

This was a good week in more ways than one. Looking through my kitchen cupboards and drawers for items to photograph helped me to further decide which items didn't get used and so I had a mini declutter at the same time. 

I also finally, got rid of the boxes of things for donation. There were 7 boxes in all and it's amazing how much more space I have now that I'm no longer tripping over them. It's great that I no longer have to keep moving them around because they were in the way all the time. 

In future I won't wait so long before I donate the boxes of things, I'll fill one box and then donate it before starting on another. I'm going to rearrange my office a bit so I can keep the donation box there, near the door to go out. That should solve a lot of the problems storing those 7 boxes caused.

I could have sold it all in a garage sale but really, the time and effort involved in pricing it and setting everything up would have been a real pain. Donating it was very easy. The ladies at our local Hospice shop were lovely too and the Hospice makes some money out of it so it's wins all round.

I've got 3 items in my new collection box already so it's definitely an ongoing process. I still have a large bag of clothing to donate but that's going into one of the clothing collection bins closer to home. The Child Cancer Fund collects good quality used clothing to sell as part of their fundraising.

Well that was my week. Next week's theme is Abstract.

Have a great week :)

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