30 Mar 2016

Week 34 of 365 Challenge Blue Week

It's amazing how many blue things we have around our house. Most of the images are obvious but picture 3 is of my jeans in the morning light shining through our blinds. 

The last pic is of a small wooden tugboat that my husband made years ago for our son.

I was hoping to catch some mist over a lake this week but I wasn't able to get to the lake after all so I ended up with only one outside shot this week. Picture 2 is of the mist on the hills behind my neighbor's houses. The light here is bluish on the cooler mornings but I added to the blue look by setting my white balance to incandescent, also known as tungsten on other makes of camera. 

This is a technique I've used before such as in this minimalist winter picture below. I really miss the lake near my old house. It was a great source of photographic inspiration and within walking distance of my old house. My new address has many advantages and I wouldn't want to move back but I do miss the lake.

Next week's theme is cooking utensils.

Have a great week!

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