8 Apr 2017

Week 2 Black And White 365 Challenge

Day 8 Buddha. 

This week I've explored the dark background some more, which I'm really liking the look of and tried a couple of close ups. A macro lens is still top of my personal wishlist for this year but it comes behind house renovations again, unfortunately. 

Day 9 Toy Panda.

My daughter collects little animal toys that are quite realistic looking and have a nice texture.

Day 10 Dahlia Flower

I spotted this beautiful bloom just after the rain had stopped when I was seeing my daughter off to school.

Day 11 Brass Vase

Unfortunately it poured with rain this day so I stayed in and shot a vase in my window.

Day 12 Rain

This day the weather was even worse and I shot this through the bathroom window at 6am when I found the roof gutters overflowing with too much water. Other places in New Zealand had severe flooding so we were lucky that it was only overflowing gutters we had to worry about.

Day 13 Grouchy Face

My daughter was in a funny mood this morning and although we shot happier looking images this day, she decided that this was the one that most suited the day. Monday-itis on a Thursday school day.

Day 14 Rose

I spotted this lovely new bloom in my garden and loved the rain drops on it. 

It rained most of this week and a couple of days it was really heavy which put me off going out with my camera. Although my camera body is rainproof my kit lens unfortunately isn't. The macro lens I yearn for however is, so hopefully once I can get it I'll be more confident about taking my camera out in the rain.

Have a great week :)

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