17 Apr 2017

Week 3 Black And White 365 Challenge

Day 15 Flaking Paint

This week I decided to explore a few more textures such as the flaking paint above and the textured throw below.

Day 16 Textured Throw

Day 17 Steampunk Hat

 My son wearing a Steampunk hat he created for a fun day at his barbering course. It's made out of a cheap $2 shop hat and old cotton reels and broken swim goggles and other bits and pieces that he spray painted gold to pull it all together.

My son's hat in color.

Day 18 Quan Yin

Day 19 Bits and bobs drawers

Day 20 Our neighbors at night

Day 21 Scratched paintwork

As I post this I'm already four days into the next week and I feel absolutely knackered after spending the last couple of days painting our master bedroom from top to bottom. It looks great now that it's done though, and it was the last bedroom needing to be done so, Yay! That just leaves the big jobs left. The kitchen/lounge/dining and bathroom. Also a lick of paint in the office off the lounge too maybe, but that's a small job compared to the rest and I'm not sure what I want to do in there yet.

Have a great week :)

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