26 Apr 2017

Week 4 Black And White 365 Challenge

Day 22 Tree Fern

Day 23 Interior Painting

The undercoat is on the walls and I thought I'd shoot it while waiting for the paint to dry. Better than watching it I guess :) 

Hubby and I decided to go against the norm this week. We moved out of our 'master bedroom' (above pic) and once we had finished painting we moved our daughter in there instead. Our daughter's room always seemed cluttered and messy and her stuff was in all the rooms all over the house. She only had a single wardrobe in her room so there was never much room to store more than her clothes in there. Moving her into the largest bedroom with the best storage seemed like a good idea. It's not like hubby and I were holding regular gymnastics competitions and dance parties in there with lots of other friends like she does. Now all of her toys and things have a space in her room and she has room to move. We also have a much clearer idea of what things she has now that everything's in one place. Which is making things easier to sort through. The room also has lots of natural light and lovely winter sunshine. Perfect for someone that spends a lot of daylight hours in their room, not so much for those of us that only see it in the dark as we stumble to bed lol.

This has had a flow on effect throughout the house. The lounge is now less cluttered. The messy office that was just off the lounge is now moving into my daughter's old room. Which gives us plenty of space for two desks and I'll even have room for some shelving for files that I didn't have before. So that's sorted out another storage problem too. There's also the added bonus of being able to close the door on the office and know we've finished for the day. No more sneaking in a bit more work before bed because we can see the work beckoning us from across the lounge.

Hubby and I are happy with the smaller room, all our stuff fits fine and we still have a large wardrobe space so we haven't really lost anything out of the move, though to be fair, all the upstairs bedrooms can comfortably fit a kingsize bed so it's not like we moved into a closet.

It's been a win, win, win all round!

Day 24 Wood Texture

Day 25 Monarch Butterfly

Day 26 Sparrow

Day 27 Palm Shadows

Day 28 Busy Bee

I guess that's it for another busy week.

Have a great week :)

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