12 May 2016

Week 40 of 365 Challenge Book Week

I love books!
I don't own as many physical books as I used to but my husband and children still have lots.
The famous five were my favorite when I was growing up and my daughter has come to enjoy them too.

Harry Potter is also a household favorite. I think we've all read them at least once.

The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border by Sir Walter Scott is the oldest book I've ever owned. Printed in 1802 it's in really bad shape but the fact that it's even around after 214 years proves that good books last and I'm sure I won't look as good at that age.

The next pic shows a very small section of my husbands woodworking books. He likes making wooden toys so most of the books are various toy making books. He does have a lot of other woodworking books too though.

A Child's History of England is the next book. I've discovered through family research that I'm directly related to Edward Longshanks (Edward the first) and as I come from a long line of Scots I know that some of them fought on the other side with William Wallace. That's what I like about history, you can see the rifts and wars between supposed different peoples that would never agree that they had common ground between them and yet here I am years later my genes a mixture of both parties. The lines between the differences blurred out. It just reinforces for me that we are all one, regardless of how separate we think we all are.

My bedside table with my current reading material. I just started using this lamp for reading at night and love it. It's much taller than my last lamp and combined with a brighter bulb, reading at night is much less of a strain on my eyes.

A book on my dining room table with the early morning light shining in.

Next week is lights and light fittings. 

Have a great week :)

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