8 May 2016

Week 39 of 365 Challenge Water Week

Water week started off with rainy weather and I thought I might end up shooting puddles all week. Luckily it cleared and I got out more. The first shot was taken through the car window while I was a passenger. All the rest are a mixture of the local pond and lake. 

The lake is lovely. My daughter and I decided to walk around it as we hadn't done that before. We'd only been there with the Girl Guides when they were learning how to fly fish and cast the flies they had made. There were loads of people walking their dogs and joggers running around, it's obviously a popular spot. They must also sail on the lake from time to time as the yacht club has buildings there.

The walkway around is 5.73 km (3.56 miles) and is mostly flat graveled track with board walks over the wetter areas. The only downside is that I forgot it was duck shooting season. So when we were part way around we were startled by a load shot gun blast nearby. Hearts pounding and a few giggles later we found a little side track that must have led to the shooter's Mai mai, (hut/hide) though we couldn't see it among the bull rushes and scrub at the lake edge. It was a fun walk anyway.

Next week is Book week.

Have a great week :)

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