29 May 2016

Week 41 of 365 Challenge Lights/Light Fittings

I'm not sure what I was imagining when I picked this theme but I found that interesting light fittings were a bit tough to find in the wild, especially as the weather's been so bad, so I ended up in and out of a couple of lighting shops for most of the week. 

I have a couple of ideas for using the white lampshade in the top picture. It's shape reminds me of a flower and I'd like to see how it would look on a floor standing angled lamp. Not sure how it will turn out but it's worth a try. We could do with some extra reading lights in our lounge at night and I don't see why it has to look utilitarian and regular.

Next week is landscape week. I hope the weather improves because this week has been terrible.

Have a great week!

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