29 May 2016

Week 42 of 365 Challenge Landscape Week

This weeks images were all taken from close to home as the weather all week has been lousy. Lots of thunder storms and much as I love listening to them at night I'm not so keen on them spoiling my plans during the day. There was even a small tornado that ripped through some nearby farmland one night. It destroyed 125 gum trees, a barn and a wool shed and strong winds threw a lot of family trampolines around, but thankfully no one was injured and damage to houses seems minimal. 

These images were all taken between rain showers in local parks, except for the two mountain images. I hunted around town a bit trying to find a high spot with a view of each of them. In the first mountain image you can barely see any of it for clouds but I did catch a tiny bit of rainbow.

On the second mountain image more of the mountain is showing in spite of the clouds. It's not actually a cone shape like it looks though. It's actually a range of peaks leading off behind but they're not visible from this angle.

Next weeks theme is Tools. Now this brings to mind hammers and spanners etc but I've been thinking a bit about what other tools we use around the house so hopefully I'll be thinking outside the toolbox as it were :)

Have a great week!

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