8 Jun 2016

About me

My daughter, myself and a Dalek friend.
 (Yes I do have a shaved head and yes I am a girl)

Hi, I'm a 40 something year old wife, and mother to two lovely children aged 18 and 12.

I love to draw, paint, explore nature, write poetry and I absolutely love photography. I paint in acrylics and watercolor and love to mix painted images with my photographic ones. It's great to be able to share my love of art with my kids.

My path to simple living started when I had a health issue back in 2011 and I decided that I'd had enough of stressing over clutter. My family aren't completely on board with this so I have to remember to be mindful to ask first before I get rid of anything that is theirs. 
Around the same time I was starting decluttering I also started simplifying my diet and I stopped eating red meat. 
Some friends and I used to meet fortnightly and discuss spiritual ideas and different themes. During one of these discussions I started learning about Buddhism and I've been forging my own path in this direction ever since.

My blog is a melting pot of my creative hobbies and interests mixed in with family life, love of nature, Buddhism, and simple living.

When I first started this blog I thought I would focus on just the art and photography side of my life but as time went on and I made changes in my life, I came to realize that art was not a separate thing. Creativity is as much a part of my everyday life as washing the dishes or cooking dinner. The same also applies with Buddhism. Being mindful while I go about my everyday activities allows me to become more grateful for everything I have which in turn fits into living a simple life. A life filled with only the people and things that bring me joy and happiness. Everything in my life is inter-connected and a part of my everyday experience of life and the world around me.

I still feel that I have a long way to go but when I look back I can see that I've come a long way too. I'm enjoying the journey and hope that I can share something that will resonate with you too.

All images used in my blogs are my own creations unless credited otherwise.

Below is a link to my Instagram account where I'm currently working on a 365 photo challenge Olympusmad 

I also have three Zazzle stores. The links can be found at the bottom of my blog.

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