8 Jun 2016

My Favorite Blogs

I subscribe to quite a number of different blogs using Feedly which I've discussed in a previous post about my favorite apps. These below are my favorites. The ones that always have something in a post that interests me.

My Favorite Photography Blogs

    Eric Kim

Eric is a street photographer and he always has something useful and interesting to share. He does workshops and shares ebooks on street photography. He has recently been named as one of the top 20 most influential street photographers for 2016 in Streethunters reader poll.

My Favorite Minimalism Blogs

Leo is very well known in the minimalism blogging world and for good reason. 

Joshua and Ryan write excellent posts. They also do podcasts and have a documentary film touring the USA and Canada at the moment.

Joshua's blog is the first minimalism blog I ever came across and the one that set me on my current path. His blog changed my life.

I love reading about how other people are changing their lives in Francine's blog.

Courtney's posts are always interesting and thought provoking.

Hip Diggs

I only came across Dan's blog recently but it's become one of my firm favorites. I always find his posts thought provoking and I quite often use ideas he has sparked in my mind, in some of my private art journal work.

Black Sheep Minimalist

A blog I found just recently that really speaks to me.

My Favorite Art Blogs

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