8 Jun 2016

Week 43 of 365 Challenge Tools Week

This week was tools week and rather than visit the garage toolbox for inspiration I decided to think a little bit about the other kinds of tools we use in our day to day and creative lives.

So, in my art toolbox this week was my paintbrushes and colored pencils. I consider these both to be vital tools in my art supply collection. Both for journaling and for use on stand alone pieces.
In my photography toolbox were my camera and my laptop computer. These tools are used most days, usually as a team. Although I can lose time with just the computer if I'm not careful.

I have to say that my mobile phone has become a much used personal tool both as a phone and sometimes as a camera when I don't have my Olympus with me.

That leaves my calculator which I prefer to use over the calculator app on my mobile when I'm paying bills and things. The mobile going to sleep half way through things irritates me.

Lucky last is my fire extinguisher. So far I haven't needed to use this tool but I like knowing that it's handy in case the need arises.

Next week is Fantasy week. So think aliens, dragons, fairies etc. Should be fun :)

Have a great week!

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