15 Jun 2016

Week 45 of 365 Challenge Shells Week

As you can see above I was spoiled for choice with the seashells. There seems to be quite a wide variety around New Zealand beaches, though not all the beaches have the same shells. It depends on which coast you're on as to which types of shells are more common. 

I have some very tiny but beautifully patterned shells that were unfortunately too small for me to photograph clearly. I took all of these with my cell phone as I could focus much closer than with my camera. If there's one thing that this 365 challenge has shown me, it's that I should really invest in a macro lens for my camera. I would get loads of use out of it for not only macro use but also portraits.
I wish we could have gone to the beach this week and taken some pics there but work and weather stopped that idea before it could take hold. Bummer!

Next week is Boxes week. I have no idea what I'm doing with that one lol.

Have a great week! :)

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